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Resounding Books Managing Director Jeffrey Horn

A Word from the Managing Director

Resounding Books was founded on the idea of bringing people from across the political spectrum together to fight more effectively on issues that matter to all of us. Founded in February 2013 by Kirsten Lombard, a volunteer grassroots organizer based in Madison, Wisconsin, Resounding Books has strived to fulfill that dream.

In our first book, Common Ground on Common Core: Voices from across the Political Spectrum Expose the Realities of the Common Core State Standards, this idea of bridging the political divide tooks its first steps into reality. Ever since we have worked mightily on common ground issues in education. We plan to bring you more insightful materials in the future that illustrate how, on a multitude of issues, people can work across ideologies to grow and contribute to a better life.

In March, 2016, our founder, Kirsten Lombard, decide to take a leave of absence from Resounding Books to pursue a special project. Though Kirsten's contribution to Resounding Books is immeasurable, I plan to continue moving us forward in new directions to achieve our founding goals.

I have worked extensively with activists on the left and the right to fight against Common Core State Standards and high stakes testing, both in Wisconsin and nationwide. With your help and enthusiasm I hope to continue that fight.

Let's dialogue. Let's find common ground. Let's get important things done.

Together, we can succeed!

Jeffrey Horn
Managing Director, Resounding Books