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Resounding Books Founder Kirsten Lombard

A Word from the Founder

Disillusioned → Liberated → Motivated.

That was the personal progression that led me to establish Resounding Books in February 2013.

As a volunteer grassroots organizer living in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, I was no stranger to political polarization. People screaming and pointing at each other. Friendships destroyed. Neighbors and coworkers refusing to speak to one another. It was painful and deeply limiting.

It also obscured the truth: I had a lot in common with good people that had been persuaded that I was their political opposite or even their ideological enemy.

"What if," I began to muse, "there were a way to bring people from across the political spectrum together? What if we could combine our forces and begin to fight more effectively on issues that matter to all of us?"

Resounding Books was born.

This adventure cannot be undertaken alone. It is one on which I hope you will enthusiastically join me. The more of us that see past the false divisions, the more we can accomplish.

It's been a joy to experience success in this approach. Even in the initial projects Resounding Books has embraced, groundbreaking dialogue, friendships, and cooperation are being fostered across a supposedly unbridgeable political divide.

We have only just begun here at Resounding Books. And with your engagement in this undertaking, the results won't just be heard, but also felt, from the local all the way to the national level. I look forward to your participation and your partnership.

Let's dialogue. Let's find common ground. Let's get important things done.

Kirsten Lombard
Founder, Resounding Books