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Is Your Brain In A Cage?

About Resounding Books

Is your brain in a cage?

At Resounding Books, this is the question we boldly pose.


Because we got tired of falling for the hidden agendas of politicians, crony corporations, special interest groups, and—more often than not these days—the media. We’ve stopped believing in the politics of division they foster. While they factionalize and manipulate us again and again into the mental trap of pointing uselessly at each other, the real problems and the real culprits continue to damage us all.

Resounding Books was established to cut through the noise and the bars created by partisan labels, empty talking points, and deceptive ploys. We established ourselves on the conviction that, when it comes to key issues, people agree to a far greater degree than any of us have been led to believe. And if people can find the truth of an issue together, they can more effectively act together.

What sets us apart?

We’re more than just words. We’re about building real alliances and having a significant impact.

In publishing on important issues, we seek and gather expert voices from across the political spectrum—individuals who identify as progressives, conservatives, independents, civil libertarians, and more. Some will publish single-author works with us. Others, like those in our inaugural book, will assemble within the pages of a single volume. When they assemble, they may come at any given topic from different angles and will frequently diverge on fine points. Yet, they will stand remarkably united on the broad strokes.

We established this venture as a political action committee specifically so that we could more easily put financial resources back into fighting the mutual causes that we highlight. Watch for more information on this part of our efforts in days to come…

For now, we can’t promise you’ll agree with every voice we publish. But we’ll never bore you. Instead, we’ll bring you valuable, informed, and engaging information and dialogue on matters that concern us all. In doing so, we pledge our utmost to help you keep your mind, and the minds of others, free.