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January 25, 2016 - BLAST OFF! Resounding Books' Official Launch of 'COUNTERACT [false] ACCOUNTABILITY'

The moment has arrived...

We'll keep this short and sweet.

Resounding Books is, today officially announcing the launch of its project-based, citizen-led initiative... 


Our five judges are ready to go.

The initiative guidelines have been published on their own page:

And Resounding Books is now accepting project submissions from any individual, informal group of concerned citizens, or local grassroots organization that wishes so send us a project idea.

In fact, COUNTERACT [false] ACCOUNTABILITY is all about the average citizen getting to make an impact by placing a whole bunch of sticks in the giant reform machine. A host of Davids against a Goliath.

[False] accountability impacts everyone--public schoolers, private schoolers, homeschoolers, students, parents, teachers, taxpayers. It’s time to start ensuring that so-called education reformers can’t play their crooked word games anymore. 

Let's make the, the engaged, informed people on the ground who care about true education, the well-being of students, the rights of parents, the voices of teachers, the wise use of public funds, and honesty in public policy and discourse.

We look forward to receiving your proposals for projects aimed at raising public awareness of the gap between what most people assume “accountability” means and what so-called education reformers actually intend by the term. 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 11:59 p.m., February 15, 2015

Without further's our founder and editor-in-chief, Kirsten Lombard with the...

...official launch message and invitation 

Update! (2-8-2016)

For those who need a jumpstart to get their creative juices flowing, we've added a couple of posts on our blog to provide some inspiration. We'll be posting one or two more before the deadline. But for now, see here and here.

Also, see our recent editorial in Western Free Press, which further highlights some of the crucial reasons for this initiative.